Man Drops GoPro Under Popular Fishing Pier And Can’t Believe What He Sees

Thalassophobia has entered the chat!

People have many different types of fears. Some are more common than others, and one of those seems to be thalassophobia, or fear of water – but more accurately, it’s a fear of deep, vast bodies of water, such as the ocean.

Photo: YouTube/Ace Underwater

Let’s be honest, the beach is fun. But once you start going past a certain point, it suddenly starts getting scary.

The ocean is big and deep and who knows what is hiding out there. Even in more shallow waters you sometimes get nasty little surprises beneath the waves.

Photo: YouTube/Ace Underwater

For some people, the ocean just piques their curiosity more than anything. One fisherman named Ace decided he wanted to know what life looks like underwater. Given that he’s in Florida’s panhandle, he had the idea to take his GoPro camera and drop it into the water at different depth points along a fishing pier in Navarre, Florida – which actually happens to be the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico.

As Ace explained on YouTube, “I dropped a GoPro under a pier to see what happened underwater. I then dropped some bait around it to see how the fish reacted. It was wild!”

Photo: YouTube/Ace Underwater

It was indeed wild, as his camera ended up picking up footage of a sea turtle in the midpoint of the pier, as well as some dolphins at the very end of the pier.

Check out the GoPro footage in the video below:

What do you think? Have you ever seen anything like this underwater before? Let us know!

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