Man Builds A “Bar” For Squirrels In His Backyard That Serves Nuts

We all have our careers, and then on the side, we have our hobbies. For the most part, our hobbies are different from what we do for a living, but sometimes some people get lucky and their careers overlap with their hobbies.

One Fire Protection Technician, Matt Thompson, also likes to spend his free time doing woodworking, his hobby. Thompson noticed that there were people who were trying multiple attempts to create picnic tables for squirrels. He became inspired by the woodworking and chose to make his own version. Matt decided to get a little fancy with his idea and chose to make a bar for the squirrels to be able to hang out on the fence of his backyard.

He made the bar quite special, and it was completed with a bench, lights, a big supply of nuts, and even a chore wheel! Like the squirrels were ever really going to pick up after themselves. But the set up itself was quite cute, and after posting it to Facebook, the picture went viral. And we can totally see why.

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What do you think of this squirrel bar? Would you ever want something similar for your backyard?

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