80-Year-Old Man Forms Unusual Friendship With Giant Snake At The Pond

All of us have friends in life and at times, we have that someone special who fills our lives with exactly what we need.

In most cases, it’s another human that fills the void but for Tim Jones, it is a large water snake.

Photo: Facebook/WHAT WE SEE

Jones shares a video of his friendship with the unusual animal and people can’t get enough of it. You can see the snake coming up out of the water near a dock and grabbing a bite to eat from his hand.

This may seem like an unusual situation but for Jones, it’s something he has been doing for years. As he shared in a comment on Facebook, he lives in Texas, and as a retired zoo director, he’s used to dealing with animals.

Photo: YouTube/WHAT WE SEE

Three of those animals are Nerodia rhombifers, which are typically called diamondback water snakes. They live behind his house and he has trained them to eat out of his hand.

You can hear Jones saying that the snake does more than remember him, she came right up to him when she saw him sitting on the dock. That makes him happy.

Photo: YouTube/WHAT WE SEE

He goes on to talk more about the snakes in his interactions with him. This includes a little tidbit about why he had taped up his “britches.”

The video isn’t exactly one of the warm and fuzzy videos you might expect from social media, but people love it and the commentary that Jones puts into it.

You can keep up with Tim and his snake pals on Facebook!

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