Mama Bear Carries Three Cubs On Her Back To Swim Across A Lake

While on a lake in Wisconsin, boaters witnessed a mama bear swimming by, and on her back were three little cubs.

Nelda Powers was boating on the Chippewa Flowage when she spotted something swimming in the lake. She pulled out her camera and started recording, and it wasn’t long before she and her friends realized it was a mama bear carrying her cubs!

The boaters watched the persistent bear slowly swim past with her cubs in tow. They continued to watch as she swam all the way across the long lake.

Photo: Facebook/Nelda Blakely Powers
Photo: Facebook/Nelda Blakely Powers

In the video, you can hear one of the boaters say, “She’s working so hard.” Another commented, “Bless her heart!”

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Finally, the mama bear and her cubs made it to the edge of the water and two of the little cubs hopped off her back and swam the rest of the way to the shore. They all scrambled up the bank, with the mama bear looking suspiciously at the boaters.

Photo: Facebook/Nelda Blakely Powers
Photo: Facebook/Nelda Blakely Powers

Once they all made it to the top of the bank, they quickly ran into the woods and out of sight.

Once the bears made it across the lake, the mom and three cubs could be seen ambling up the embankment before running off into the woods.

Watch the bears in the video:

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