Have You Ever Heard Of A Colugo?

There are so many animals in the world, and some get more attention than others. Most people have heard about lions, tigers, bears, and dolphins. Of course, we’re also familiar with domesticated animals and farm animals.

Tons of animals aren’t as widely known, however, including the colugo. If you’ve never heard of a colugo, you’re not alone.

Photo: YouTube/National Geographic

According to the World Wildlife Fund, colugos are also known as “flying lemurs” even though they don’t fly and they’re not lemurs.

Colugos are native to the Southern Philippines, and while they can’t fly, they can glide as far as 200 feet between trees.

Photo: Flickr/Danielle Brigida License: CC BY 2.0

The WWF explains that colugos “depend on trees for their food and safety.” They live and eat in the trees, relying on their ability to glide to get from one tree to another.

They’re equipped with sharp claws to cling to the trees and climb them freely.

While many people haven’t heard of “flying lemurs,” those that have have referred to them as looking like a CGI creation!

Photo: Flickr/Lip Kee License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Their large eyes and wing flaps do make them rather adorable and out-of-this world.

You can learn more about Colugos and see them gliding in action in the National Geographic video below:

They’re pretty cute, huh?

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