Make Your Holidays Environmentally Friendly And Low-Impact!

Surely, everyone has their holiday shopping done right?

Alright, so maybe not. Thankfully, there are some gifts that are just as fun and easy to procure today as they will be at the last minute. A great reason to look into these gift ideas is that they cost NEXT TO NOTHING! More importantly, they are some of the most environmentally low-impact gifts. The old adage “one mans trash is another mans treasure” has never been more appropriate. On average, each of us generates 4.6 POUNDS of trash a day. This accumulation isn't just wrappers and old newspapers; t-shirts, old CD's, bottles, and even wine corks are all items we toss without a second thought, but that can be used to make useful, extraordinary gifts! Instead of adding to the waste this year, show off your creativity and thoughtfulness to your loved ones by making them a gift, or purchasing one that celebrates the spirit of conservation!

photo-13Chances are, you have (or will) accumulate a great many bottles over the season. Whether they are from beer, wine, or soda, you can put them to use making something utterly gorgeous.

There are numerous ways to make a display like this. Stacking them, placing them on a rack, or attaching them to a central pole, and so on. It's a great project, and it is also less likely to be destroyed by your pets when they get curious!

For those with children, the impending winter break can require some preparation. Having projects and crafts can be a lifesaver. One of the great things about preparing craft projects is that they can double as homemade gifts!

Even with more people moving to digital news and magazines, chances are there are still catalogs, magazines, and ads sitting around the house. Instead of filling up your trash with them, make something with them!

While you can make impressive jewelry on your own, you can also support a low-impact holiday by purchasing recycled jewelry as well! Putting discarded items to such gorgeous use is always a wonderful way to say “I love you” to your friends, family, and the planet.


Stockings are a staple decoration this time of year. This is a wonderfully simple way to make stockings out of old clothes around the house. Not only are they supremely functional, but can represent a litany of memories for you and your family.


Take a look at how it works here.

While these are all fantastic ideas, it's also likely that you don't have any extra time to make gifts! That doesn't mean you can't contribute to a low-impact holiday. There are plenty of gifts that you can purchase that are beautiful, functional, and support conservation. The best part is that they also help support artists across numerous impoverished countries find economic stability.

Make sure to take a look at some of the amazing options that will make your loved ones happy, and will help spread holiday joy across the world to those that desperately need it. Here is another perfect example of how you can help people around the world AND have amazing decor.

44698Sheet metal is a strangely versatile item. A disgusting amount ends up in landfills taking up space instead of being used to its full potential. This is a perfect example of how metal can be repurposed, and add a fantastic urban chic to any environment.

Every year more and more people take the time to consider the world when they shop, when they decorate, and when they do something as simple as taking the garbage out. Adding that level of consideration to your holidays will help make them feel that much more special.

We hope your holidays are safe and full of laughter!

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