Louisiana Alligator Washes Ashore On Texas Beach Over 400 Miles Away

An American alligator from Lousiana was found washed up on a beach in Texas, over 400 miles away from its home.

According to a Facebook post by Padre Island National Seashore, the young alligator was discovered on May 24th on Malaquite Beach by members of the National Park Service.

According to CNN, NPS members had been searching for sea turtles when they found the alligator, who appeared to be in poor condition from his travels.

Photo: Facebook/Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore shared in the post that the alligator was taken in for rehabilitation and recovery. They said, “After consulting with our partners at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the animal was transported to a rehabilitation facility to recover from its long journey.”

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Upon further inspection by the rehabilitation facility, the Texas Sealife Center, it was discovered that the alligator was actually in critical condition. They shared in a Facebook post that the reptile was “dehydrated underweight and in critical condition.”

Photo: Facebook/Texas Sealife Center

Thankfully, the alligator responded well to treatment and is now doing ok. They said, “We were happy to report that with treatment over the last few days his status been has been upgraded to good.”

They also noted that they found metal tags on the alligator’s feet, confirming that he was from Louisiana. “Upon further investigation and consultation with Texas Parks and Wildlife and Louisiana Department of Fish and Wildlife it was determined he had been released as part of a research project in Vermilion Parish in Louisiana 6 weeks ago,” they explained.

Photo: Facebook/Texas Sealife Center

While it’s largely a mystery as to how and why the alligator ended up over 400 miles away from his release location, they suspect that it had to do with heavy rains in the area pushing him further along the coast.

Once the alligator is deemed healthy and stable, he’ll be released back into the wild. Officials are still deciding on his official release location and it’s unclear if he’ll be released in Texas or taken back to Louisiana.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures.net

Thankfully this little gator was found just in time so he can hopefully live a full life in the wild.

You can follow the Texas Sealife Center on Facebook to watch for updates on the alligator’s recovery and future release.

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