Massive 6-Foot Long Lizard Climbs The Store Shelves Of A 7-11

Customers at a 7-11 in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand were in for quite the surprise when a giant, 6-foot-long monitor lizard walked into the convenience store.

The lizard strolled down the isles and straight the drink cooler. When it failed to get the door open, he turned and headed to a snack shelf. The lizard then proceeded to climb the shelf to the very top and lay down on top of the merchandise!

A customer named Jejene Narumpa found the whole ordeal quite amusing and captured the whole thing on video. At the start of the footage, you can hear people sound unsure of what to think, but as soon as the lizard starts making its way up the shelf a mix of laughter and screams emerge from the shoppers.

Photo: Facebook/Jejene Narumpa

In her pictures, you can see the massive lizard appears quite comfortable atop the shelf of goods for sale.

Photo: Facebook/Jejene Narumpa

No one is quite sure what promoted the lizard, who emerged from a nearby canal, to climb atop the shelf in the store, but it’s speculated that it was either trying to get warm from the lightbulb or cool from the air conditioner.

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Photo: Facebook/Jejene Narumpa

According to NBC News, an employee at the 7-11 ended up calling the police who contacted reptile handlers to deal with the massive lizard. They were able to drag the lizard away from the store and shoed it into a nearby bush.

Photo: Facebook/Jejene Narumpa

Though quite scary in size and appearance, the Singapore National Parks website states that water monitors, like the one pictured in the video, are shy and won’t attack humans unless they feel threatened.

That said, it’s important not to get close to the lizards since they will attack if they feel cornered and threatened.

Photo: flickr/Ray in Manila

The website advises to keep distance between yourself and large water monitor lizards if you encounter one, since, while rare, they can and do attack with their claws and teeth. Monitor lizards have a venomous bite that’s not fatal to humans, but a bite will cause pain and could lead to a bacterial infection.

Watch the video of the giant lizard in the 7-11 below:

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