This Little Lion Is Trying His Best To Roar And It’s Way Too Adorable

Even the big cats tend to get curious once in a while — especially when they aren’t quite so big yet. And that’s exactly what this little lion cub felt when he saw a shiny, strange-looking device just lying on the ground with no one around!

What is it? Can I play with it? Will it fight me? Must find out!

See what happens when the inquisitive lion cub spots a GoPro in his territory. It’s one of those videos you just have to see. Because lion cubs are probably the cutest animals ever. And when they play with things they get exponentially more cute. It’s so adorable I should just stop talking about it so you can watch already! Seriously, you must watch, because it’s amazing. Simply adorable.

See for yourself in the video below! It will be the best minute of your week.

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