Number 4 Is Both Beautiful And Terrifying! You Need To See This…

As unpredictable as they may be, storms are also fascinating. There is a certain beauty to the way that they form and transform into something powerful that needs to be appreciated. Nature is so amazing!

We’ve rounded up a list of incredible storm footage that will both shock and amaze you:

1. Supercell Formation

Sometimes referred to as a rotating thunderstorm, a supercell is the least common type of thunderstorm, but carries the most potential to be severe. This timelapse of a supercell forming in Wyoming is as beautiful as it is scary.

2. Hail Storm

A hail storm is a thunderstorm that produces balls of ice, called hail stones, that fall from the sky and may damage houses, cars, and vegetation. This amateur footage of a hail storm that ripped through Oklahoma City in 2010 shows hail stones the size of baseballs falling from the sky!

3. Tornadoes

Tornadoes produce high winds that can cause damage throughout many areas of the United States. A powerful supercell in Nebraska actually produced dual tornadoes that raced across the plains, resulting in complete destruction along their paths. You can practically feel the power that these storms are carrying through your computer screen!

4. Derecho

This is probably some of the most beautiful footage I’ve ever seen. A derecho is a large, fast-moving group of thunderstorms that travel in a path together and produce high winds and lightning. Although they are hard to predict and can be deadly, there’s something oddly calming about watching a storm roll in and produce massive lightning strikes.

5. Hurricanes

Hurricane Sandy tore through the East coast in 2012, and affected 24 states, bringing with it wind, flooding, and destruction. In this footage, we see the incredible power that storm carried with it as news reporters fight against the elements to bring people footage of the superstorm.

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Bonus: Volcanic Lightning!

What do you get when you take the raw beauty of a thunderstorm and combine it with a violent volcanic eruption? You get a spectacular phenomenon that is called volcanic lightning. It is something that is rarely seen, but it sure is amazing to watch. Check out these amazing photos of volcanic lightning, captured by photographer and volcano enthusiast Mark Szeglat.

This list has been about the beauty of storms, but the reality is that they cause massive destruction wherever they go. You can do your part to help others in need who have been negatively affected by the power of nature by donating to our Gift That Gives More that helps train veterans to provide disaster response. Through Team Rubicon’s Clay Hunt Fellowship, veterans receive training in business and nonprofit administration while applying their specialized skills to help others in need.

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