Lions Take A Nap In The Middle Of The Road During Quarantine In South Africa

It would seem for a pride of lions out in the Kruger National Park, quarantine is serving them well.

Since lockdown has forced many people to stay indoors and not venture out, the Kruger National Park has been quiet as of late. But that is a good thing, as it means that the roads are quiet, making it the perfect opportunity for some big cats to catch up on their big naps in the middle of the road.

A pride of lions was captured on camera by park ranger Richard Sowry, just vegging out in the middle of the road. The national park has been closed down to the public since the 25th of March as lockdown protocols were put into place.

Since the park is usually crawling with tourists, it is very rare to see lions in the middle of the road. Given the rarity, it is no wonder that Sowry had to document the very special and not common occurrence.

Posted by Kruger National Park on Friday, April 17, 2020

Sowry managed to take that picture from his car – getting only five meters away from the napping pride. It was a good thing that the lions were too preoccupied chilling out to bother with the park ranger.

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As he mentioned to BBC News, “Lions are used to people in vehicles. All animals have much more of an instinctive fear of people on foot, so if I had walked up they would never have allowed me to get so close.”

Posted by Kruger National Park on Friday, April 17, 2020

The deserted roads were not the only places that lions decided to take advantage of while the tourists were out of the picture. In fact, there were lions caught wandering about the golf course located within Kruger National Park.

A video of the event was posted to the park’s official Twitter, with the caption reading, “Even as the sun rises, without all our human visitors, the urge to sing the ‘lion sleeps tonight’ is just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away!”

It is clearly a great time to be a lion in Kruger National Park – everything the light touches is apparently a part of their kingdom.

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