Photo Captures Majestic Lion Standing On A Hill Of Bones

A photographer captured the stunning moment a lion stood on a hill of bones.

British photographer Simon Neeham was visiting the GG Conservation Wildlife Reserve and Lion Sanctuary in South Africa. The non-profit dedicated to lion conservation offers a photography tour and plenty of opportunities to capture the majestic animals on film.

While Neeham went into the project expecting to get some amazing pictures, nothing could’ve prepared him for the photo he got.


The picture shows a 500lb male lion on top of a hill scattered with animal bones and carcasses. The sun glows behind him, as he gazes out over the land.

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Neeham initially shared the photo on Instagram back in April, 2020, and it’s since been shared to other platforms, including Reddit.

According to LAD BIBLE, the 52-year-old was just 30 feet away when he captured the picture on a Canon 1DX Mark II.

They said that he was “in awe of the ‘lion king.'” The lion only stood atop the hill for a brief moment, which made the shot even more incredible.

Neeham photographed many lions at the GG Conservation to help with their marketing, but the hill photo, in particular, may just be the most special.

Photo: Max Pixel

As Neeham shared on Instagram, the COVID-19 pandemic had been especially challenging for the lion conservation that relied on tourism for funding.

Hopefully his photo and work can help raise awareness and funding for the lions who rely on the GG Conservation to survive.

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