Lion Joins Humans on a Bus and Gives the Warmest Welcome Hugs to His Visitors

Lions are famously known as predatory cats that rule over grassy lands. Every creature they prey on trembles in their presence — the huge feline is a hunter no one should ever underestimate. Back in 1932 to 1947, there were records of humans from Tanzania who were eaten by lions. The predator became a threat to humanity as the killings went on for generations. But as time went on and cities progressed, animals and humans lived separately, which capped the lion hunt. However terrifying, people must remember that not all wild cats share the same behavior.

Photo: Youtube/No Comment TV

Each lion also has a personality, like their relative felines. You just have to be more careful of them and ensure you don’t intentionally signal any threats toward the king of the jungle. That’s why, during your visits to zoos, parks, and sanctuaries, you should keep a safe distance and only approach when the caretakers assure safety. It’s best to admire them from afar, because they are also magnificent creatures who don’t want any conflict with humans. There’s a reason safari buses are modified for the safety of visitors. But a place in Vilnohirsk, Crimea, does things differently.

Photo: Youtube/No Comment TV

Taigan Safari Park takes their guests in an open bus to visit lions in close proximity. It definitely is dangerous until you see their resident wild feline, Filya, climbing on the bus without the intention of hurting anyone. The welcome greeting starts with the driver, who he hugs from the side. Due to Filya’s size, the driver gets out of the bus to give him some space. After sweetly greeting the park staff, he moves to the passengers, who were happy to hug and pet the friendly wild cat. It was indeed an unbelievable sight, as lions do not usually ask for cuddles. Filya is surely a special creature and a hospitable cat — he knows how to properly welcome his guests.

Hopefully, all of Filya’s visitors treat him with respect and shower him with lots of cuddles and neck rubs. However adorable, the setup can still be pretty dangerous because Filya isn’t the only lion in the park. Humans should take the initiative of being more careful and not get too excited about petting the huge lion. Do not be pushy — let them be the ones to approach you first to know that they also want a hug from you. It surely is a dream to be cuddled by a lion, but safety should be prioritized for you and the large kitty cats.

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