Lion Cubs Win Over The Pride Male With Their Exuberance In Adorable Video

Newborn lion cubs have it rough. They are born without the use of their eyes, and their mother hides them from the rest of the tribe for the first six weeks, only visiting them when it’s time to eat. Then, when it’s time to meet the pride, lion cubs might even be killed by pride males if they aren’t recognized as family.

When the mama lion in this video introduces her cubs to the pride, she does so with some trepidation.

Screen Shot: YouTube/PBS

“The mother approaches a teenage male, probably her son from a previous litter,” the narrator says in the video. “She snarls a warning at him.” Then, the cubs tumble around the teen male, and it’s clear they’ve won him over.

Screen Shot: YouTube/PBS

But the adult pride males won’t be as easily swayed, and the mother hangs back as one of them approaches her litter.

Screen Shot: YouTube/PBS

Watch the video to see how the pride lion reacts to the newest members of the tribe!

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