Woman Discovers A Rare Leucistic Racoon Covered In Bright White Fur

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released a series of photos that are attracting a lot of attention.

The photos were originally submitted by photographer Kendra Smith, who did an amazing job and she deserves all of the praise that she has been getting.

If you have never seen a rare and breathtaking leucistic raccoon, this is your chance to change that.

Photo: Instagram/myodfw

Some might believe that the raccoon is an albino because of its white coat, however, his dark paws and nose contradict that assumption.

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“Why isn’t this an albino raccoon? Because albinism is the complete lack of pigmentation, while leucism is a partial lack of pigmentation. While this raccoon is nearly all white, you can tell from its toes and nose that it’s not completely white,” they explain.

Photo: Instagram/myodfw

Instead, the raccoon has a condition known as leucisicm.

The conservation has even come up with the perfect name for this little fellow: Moby Rick.

Photo: Instagram/myodfw

“When this raccoon showed up in our Facebook messages, we started calling it Moby Rick for obvious reasons,” the conservation shared.

Watch the adorable video of Moby with a standard raccoon below:

It’s not every day you see an animal so unique!

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