Leopard Seal Approaches Photographer With Her Mouth Wide Open But Does Something Unexpected!

A few years ago, National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen went to Antarctica to take pictures of leopard seals. He spotted a massive one, and (bravely!) went into the water to snap some photos. Then, the seal saw him. She dropped the penguin she was holding, swam right up to him, and put both the camera and Paul’s head in her mouth!

What she did next was even more surprising; she pulled away, and started to bring him food! With each passing Paul gave to the meal, the leopard seal would take it to the next step to ensure that he would be fed. It seems as if the seal was legitimately concerned for the photographer’s well-being; and she would do this for the next four days! This wonderful display of affection will leave you speechless.

Watch the video for more about this astonishing story. Viewer discretion — There are images of the leopard seal feeding that can be considered graphic.

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