Man Takes Rare Photograph Of A Leopard And Black Panther Couple Known As The “Eternal Couple”

Black panthers are majestic creatures. And there has been one black panther known to roam the jungles of Kabini in Karnataka. He is often caught on camera, however, this beautiful big cat is not always alone.

Wildlife photographer Mithun H has managed to capture the moment the black panther stepped out with an equally as stunning leopard. Mithun has referred to the couple on his social media as the “eternal couple.” Their pictures have led to a huge surge in popularity on social media.

The black panther has been called Saaya, while the leopard is called Cleopatra. The couple has been reportedly dating for four years. In the post’s caption, Mithun revealed that he captured the stunning photographs on a “surreal winter morning.” Surreal indeed – the pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of these large felines.

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Social media went wild with their comments. There were plenty of people commenting on the beauty of these animals. One person wrote, “beautiful.” A second person stated, “Wow that’s an insane shot!” – a sentiment we can agree with. These two big cats make an incredible pair. These two animals aren’t just elegant and fascinating to look at, but they should also be a reminder as to why our environment needs to be cared for and saved.

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