Does LEGO Condone Arctic Drilling? Not Anymore!

Back in July, Greenpeace produced a video to protest Danish company LEGO’s partnership with Shell Global, which has been ongoing since the 1960s. The protest emerged after Shell announced plans to begin drilling in the arctic circle (Learn more about arctic drilling at the Rainforest Site).

LEGO CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp released a statement that says, “…as things stand we will not renew the co-promotion contract with Shell when the present contract ends.” Knudstorp also states that “the tactics used by Greenpeace may have created misunderstandings among our stakeholders about the way we operate; and we want to ensure that our attention is not diverted from our commitment to delivering creative and inspiring play experiences.”

Although there were over a million signatures on Greenpeace’s petition to end this unholy union between Shell and LEGO, it appears that Knudstorp is more concerned about the shareholders’ perceptions.

Greenpeace’s public statement applauds LEGO’s decision, and reminds readers that “LEGO’s policies include a commitment to produce more renewable energy than they use, phase out oil in their products, and, in cooperation with its partners, leave a better world for future generations.”

Arctic campaigner for Greenpeace Ian Duff was quoted as saying, “This is a major blow for Shell. It desperately needs partners like LEGO to help give it respectability and repair the major brand damage it suffered after its last Arctic misadventure.”

As of yet, Shell has not responded to LEGO’s press release. However, this truly will be a huge blow for Shell — a company whose reputation has continued to deteriorate, much in the way its oil spills deteriorate the habitats surrounding its pipelines.

But the fight to end Arctic drilling isn’t over yet. As Greenpeace celebrates this small victory, Shell and the United States government are still planning to drill for fossil fuels in the pristine Arctic ecosystem. Find out how you can help stop them!

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