Lego Announces New, Sustainable Brick Prototype

Sustainability and mindfulness surrounding our environment is a growing trend in our nation. As of 2020, 57% of consumers claim they are willing to change their purchasing habits in order to reduce any negative impact on the environment. And corporations are taking notice. Lego has now announced their latest design — Lego bricks made from recycled plastic!

In a recent statement, Lego called its newest prototype, “the latest step in its journey to make Lego products from sustainable materials.” In order to continue following the strict guidelines around safety and quality, Lego’s scientists and engineers tested over 250 variations before finding the perfect formula. Made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that is recycled from bottles, the newest design has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration and European Food Safety Authority.

Photo: Instagram/lego

“We are super excited about this breakthrough,” Lego’s Vice President of environmental responsibility Tim Brooks commented. “This biggest challenge on our sustainability journey is rethinking and innovating new materials that are as durable, strong and high quality as our existing bricks — and fit with LEGO elements made over the past 60 years. With this prototype, we’re able to showcase the progress we’re making.”

Although these sustainable Lego bricks will not be sold in stores just yet, the design team will be continuing to test and develop the PET formula until it is ready for production. According to Lego’s statement, this phase can take at least a year.

“We know kids care about the environment and want us to make our products more sustainable,” Brooks conituned. “Even though it will be a while before they will be able to play with bricks made from recycled plastic, we want to let kids know we’re working on it and bring them along on the journey with us. Experimentation and failing is an important part of learning and innovation. Just as kids build, unbuild and rebuild with LEGO bricks at home, we’re doing the same in our lab.”

In addition to these recycled Lego bricks, the LEGO Group is investing up to $400 million over the next three years until 2022 to help “accelerate its sustainability ambitions.” To learn more about Lego’s sustainable efforts, be sure to check out their official sustainability site!

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