10 Lazy Birds That Laid Their Eggs In Totally Random ‘Nests’

When you think about all the work that goes into building a bird’s nest, it can really be mind-blowing. An example of this is the sociable weavers, which create huge nets within trees that can house hundreds of pairs and span generations of birds.

These nests are broken down into smaller rooms and according to some studies, there are both inner and outer rooms. The center rooms are closer to the tree or pole where they are built and that allows for additional heat during the night. During the hot days, the outer rooms help to keep things cool. At times, these nests can last for hundreds of years.

The Malleefowl is another type of bird that creates some rather unique nests. They use a nesting mound, made out of decaying leaves and sand on top. They can be up to 2 feet tall and have a special chamber for the eggs. During the incubation of the eggs, the male will remove and add soil to help keep them at the right temperature.

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Many other examples of birds exist that really show you just how diverse these animals are. At other times, however, a bird may build a nest that is just the laziest thing you have ever seen. These have become quite popular online and I’m sure you will enjoy seeing them below:

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