The Largest Known Bat Colony Is Home To Nearly Twenty Million Bats

Bracken Cave, Texas is home to nearly twenty million free-tailed bats! That makes it the largest known bat colony on the planet — and the largest collective of warm-blooded animals. But their numbers alone are not the most impressive thing about the bats of Bracken Cave. When you see these incredible creatures fly, you will be struck with awe.

Merlin Tuttle, founder of the Bat Conservation International, explains the threats the bats are facing. Real estate development in the area, along with wind turbines put the colony at risk.

Screen Shots: YouTube/Bracken Cave

“These bats eat on a good night 200 tons of insects,” making them the best natural pesticide.

The unfortunate truth is that many humans associate bats with a lot of negative ideas and feelings. They might as well be one of the most misunderstood and unappreciated creatures animals on the planet!

Screen Shots: YouTube/Bracken Cave

Many individuals do not realize that they are essential for their ecosystems and do so much for us humans as well. Not only do they control the pest population (mosquitos, flies, etc.) but they are amazing pollinators!

Screen Shots: YouTube/Bracken Cave

So next time you see a bat, do not be scared! Appreciate what they do for us — they are here to help.

Watch the video to see the amazing footage of bats doing their thing!

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