Beachgoers On High Alert After “Unusually Large” Shark Fin Sighting

Beachgoers in the Cornwall area have been on high alert since an unusually large fin was sighted off right off the coast.

According to the Cornwall Live, a woman in Gunwalloe near Porthleven photographed the large fin on February 19th and it’s caused a bit of stir.

Photo: Flickr/Tim Green License: CC BY 2.0

Per the outlet, one local said the fin, and subsequent animal attached to it, was spotted less than 100 feet (around 30 meters) from the shore.

While basking sharks are fairly common in the area, the fin was too large for the average basking shark and locals are speculating it’s from a different, less common species.

Photo: Flickr/Christian Haugen License: CC BY 2.0

According to the Cornwall Live, the person who spotted the fin explained:

“The photo was taken at around 11 am at Gunwalloe from about 30 meters ‘ish,’ I can’t say what type of shark it is but doesn’t look like the average basking shark so thought I would just mention its presence just in case.”

Photo: Flickr/Tim Green License: CC BY 2.0″>Flickr/Tim Green License: CC BY 2.0

“Either way, dangerous or not, it’s unusual to see any type of shark inshore this time of year and with a fin that size,” they added.

The species hasn’t been identified yet, but beachgoers are advised to be mindful of their surroundings at all times. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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