Adorable Lamb Loves Head Scratching And It’s More Than The Internet Can Take

There are certain things that are guaranteed to be adorable. Perhaps we think about a baby smiling or a puppy, but there is something else that is undeniably cute.

I’m talking about baby sheep, and little lambs are some of the most adorable things that share our planet.

If you happen to be somebody who loves lambs or if you just count sheep on occasion to get to sleep, you are going to appreciate the video we have for you below.


The video was shared by a YouTuber, Lee Walters, and they have shared a video that is making millions of people smile around the world.

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Walters is from Wales and happened to be out of the field in Snowdonia when a lamb wandered over out of the blue.

Photo: YouTube/Lee Walters

Lee began scratching the lamb’s head and it was obviously something that the little fella wanted more of. In fact, every time he would stop scratching, the lamb would ask for more.

Photo: YouTube/Lee Walters
Photo: YouTube/Lee Walters

The video went viral, but that wasn’t the end of the story.

Walters posted an update in the comments that the Lamb was now grown up and grazing in Snowdonia. I guess it’s true that all’s well that ends well.

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