Wildlife Bridge To Help Animals Safely Cross Busy Highway Just Received A $25 Million Dollar Grant

A proposed wildlife bridge in Los Angeles, California just received a $25,000,000 grant.

The bridge is to cross US 101 in Southern California near Los Angeles and will help wildlife, like mountain lions, raccoons, and other animals, to safely cross the road without being hit by cars.

The project received the large grant from Wallis Annenberg and the Annenberg Foundation. Beyond that, the National Wildlife Federation’s “SaveLACougars” campaign helped raise an additional $24 million in donations.

Photo: flickr/formulanone

To complete the wildlife bridge, an additional $35 million must be raised, but they’re off to a strong start.

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According to Fox 11, the bridge “would be built west of Los Angeles at Liberty Canyon, stretching over 10 lanes of the heavily traveled U.S. 101 freeway.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Back in 2019, the bridge went into its final design phase, and it’s now almost ready to break ground. It’s hoped that work on the construction of the bridge will begin towards the end of this year.

The SEO and president of the Annenberg Foundation, Wallis Annenberg, spoke with Fox 11 about his donation and said, “There’s a reason I wanted to support this crossing and issue this challenge: We need to move beyond mere conservation, toward a kind of environmental rejuvenation.”

Photo: flickr/Paul Cooper

The bridge could play a key role in saving countless animals’ lives and preserving the local cougar populations for years to come.

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