The Largest Bear In The World Is Definitely Not Your Average Bear

Just how much salmon can a Kodiak brown bear, the largest bear in the world, eat in one day after a long winter’s hibernation? Up to 100 pounds. Seriously.

The Kodiak Island, Alaska residents, separated from their mainland cousins for nearly 10,000 years, go straight for the fattiest part of the fish, namely the stomach, brain, and eggs. Gruesome? Yes. But smart, too.

Mentioned above, Kodiak bears are the largest bears in the world… they even make polar bears and grizzly bears look like munchkins! The common brown bear can weigh up to 800 pounds but the Kodiak bear can weigh up to a whopping 1,500 pounds! Now that is one BIG bear.

In 2005, it was estimated that the Kodiak bear population included 3,526 bears on the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago, just South of Alaska’s coast. It has been reported that Kodiak populations are slowly increasing in the last decade!

Watch the majestic Kodiak bear in the video below!

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