Pod Of Killer Whales Migrate More Than 3,000 Miles From Iceland To Italy For The First Time

History was made this month when a pod of orca whales migrated from Iceland to Italy.

Orca Guardians Iceland is a nonprofit organization that has been tracking the pod since the beginning of 2014. They confirm that the trip from Iceland to Italy took place by looking at photos sent to them from the University of Genoa. They were able to compare them with their own set of pictures, according to WTOP.

After they looked at the pictures, Orca Guardians Iceland reached out to the Italian researchers to gather more information.

The researchers in Italy shared the pictures of the orcas from December 1 when they arrived in Italy. No killer whales have been cited in Italy since 1985.


The nonprofit stated that the long trip is the longest migration route that has ever been recorded from killer whales. It is also the first time they ever confirmed that the orcas traveled from Iceland to Italy.

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In the words of the organization, the migration was “the most exciting news ever”.

The Times UK reported that 4 whales were in the pod, including a female that carried her dead calf by its fin according to an Italian Marine expert.

The last time they were seen they were heading west toward Savona, Italy.

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