Man Creates Sanctuary For Baby Kangaroos Whose Mothers Had Been Hit By Cars

We tend to spend a lot of time talking about the people who work tirelessly to create shelters for animals to save them from a sad fate. However, there are certain animals that are usually forced to fend for themselves. When you stop to think about animal sanctuaries, kangaroo sanctuaries are not always high on the list. This is the story of a man who decided to change that.

The sanctuary was established in Alice Spring, Australia. The man who started it obtained valuable experience working as a zookeeper and a bird keeper. Now, Chris “Brolga” Barns is looking to take those experiences and build on them. At the moment, he is currently taking care of 28 kangaroos whose mothers were struck by cars. He receives plenty of donations to keep his dream alive.

You can offer your support to Chris and his sanctuary by visiting his donation page or heading to the sanctuary itself. According to its website, “We rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned baby kangaroos back into the wild. Those who can’t be released into the wild are released into the wilds of our 188-acre Sanctuary.”

We are here to offer you a closer look at the adorable setup he has been able to put in place for his new pals:

1. When these kangaroos no longer have their mother’s pouch to rely upon, Chris steps up to help them out.

2. You’ve probably heard of butterfly kisses. Kangaroo kisses are now becoming quite popular, too…and for good reason.

3. The eyes say it all, don’t they? These kangaroos feel very safe and protected with Chris.

4. The feelings of happiness in this picture are more than mutual, we’re sure.

5. Look at these pitiful faces! No wonder Chris felt compelled to help them out.

6. It’s a staring contest! We wonder who was able to win.

7. A grown man bottle feeding a kangaroo is the most adorable thing that we did not know we needed in our lives.

8. These happy campers are as snug as a bug on a rug.

9. Triple the kangaroos, triple your pleasure….or however that old saying goes.

10. When it is bedtime, it does not take very much convincing to get the kangaroos to get all snuggled up.

11. “Oh, I’m not doing too much at the moment. Just here hanging out with my new friend Chris.”

12. These baby kangaroos are definitely lucky to have an awesome guy like this one in their corner.

13. It’s time for a road trip and Chris has brought along his trusty co-pilots to help him out a bit.

14. Even kangaroos need a cuddly stuffed animal to spend their nights with.

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