This Animal Should Definitely Be In The Running For Cutest Creature In The World

There are plenty of adorable animals in the world; baby foxes, red pandas, kittens, puppies, and even baby elephants.

But Sometimes a creature comes along that you have never even heard of before and just makes you want to cuddle with it.

The long-eared jerboa, though it may look like a mouse, has many distinct qualities.

Its enormous ears most notably set this species apart from its rodent cousins, but it also has a long, tufted tail and hops around on its hind legs.

There is still much to be learned about these cute critters, but we may never get the chance if their population continues to decline.

The difficulty in trying to protect this adorable animal is that there are already so few of them. Whenever an animal population is already small, it becomes extremely difficult to track down individuals in order to learn more about them.


Without the proper knowledge of the long-eared jerboa, conservation efforts start to stagnate because in order to know how to properly care for it, more information is needed about its habitat, feeding habits, life span, and most importantly reproduction methods.

Currently, scientists know that the long-eared jerboa lives exclusively in desert climates where it favors dry river beds and areas with low shrub cover.

Other jerboas are typically nocturnal creatures and almost always herbivores who feed on seeds and succulent plants. But this is not the case for the long-eared variety. Even though they share the same habitat and nocturnal way of living, this particular species seems to feed primarily on insects.

If we want this adorable animal to be able to find a way to survive, we somehow have to learn more about it.

Watch the video below to learn more about the long-eared jerboa and see some rare footage of this unique species.

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