See the Beauty of Mother Nature And Listen To Her Tell You What’s Wrong

In another installment of Conservation International’s Nature is Speaking series, Mother Nature herself finally speaks up — and she sounds an awful lot like movie-mega-star Julia Roberts!

But, from the sounds of it, she isn’t very happy with how we have been treating her. And it also kind of sounds like we’re doomed if we don’t change our ways; though she’s fairly confident that she can make it out okay no matter what. But what can we do to help her not only survive but flourish? We must watch our actions. We NEED to stop polluting our lands and sees, We NEED to stop the deforestation of the forests. We NEED to stand up for our planet! After all, people NEED nature.

Watch the video below — Take note of Mother Nature’s harsh perspective and strong words. Remember when she strives, we strive.

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