Former IDEXX Chair Donates $20M To The Wild Cat Conservation

We all want to do our part to help, especially when we really care for a cause. At times, we may even hear about others who were able to step up to the plate and do something amazing.

That is what Jonathan Ayers was able to do recently with a $20 million dollar donation to help big cats.

It isn’t set to be all donated at one time, but the pledge from the Ayers Wild Cat Conservation Trust will continue to help over the next 10 years. The organization that will benefit from this generous donation is the Panthera Global Alliance for Wild Cats.

Photo: Piqsels

Ayers considers himself to be a “cat person,” but he limits himself to having a lap cat or two in his home.

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He loves felines of all sizes, however, which is evident by his work with Panthera. That organization helps wild cats on a global scale.

Photo: Pixabay

Although Ayers has worked with that conservation for many years, his efforts have been more focused since he had to step down as chairman of the veterinary diagnostics company in 2019 due to a spinal cord injury.

While he worked for IDEXX, he took the lead in helping them grow their annual revenue and they were a leader in diagnostic and information technology associated with veterinary medicine and care.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He is passionate about big cats, as is evident by his statement in a press release:

“As I embark on this exciting phase of my life and career, I cannot imagine a more meaningful venture than dedicating one’s full-hearted passion to protecting these extraordinary animals – the charismatic wild cats of the world – whose existence is so essential to the health of our planet. Coming from a school of science benefiting the more familiar felines of our earth, this union with a scientific leader like Panthera is a natural extension of my lifelong interest in nature and cats – both big and small, domestic and wild.”

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