Artist Creates Beautiful Beach Arrangements Designed To Wash Away With The Tide

As rewarding as it can be to see an artistic creation stand the test of time, sometimes simply enjoying the act of creating is enough.

For artist and photographer Jon Foreman, impermanence and fleeting moments are all part of the end goal. The Wales-based creator is inspired by the area’s beaches and view of the vibrant ocean, which he harnesses in his land art.

Sketched out and placed into the sand by hand over the course of hours, some of his arrangements can be more than 150 feet in diameter! And, as the tide rises, they are all designed to wash away, leaving him a blank canvas to work with each day.

Photo: Pexels/Pok Rie

“I create using material that is made from that environment for that environment. The tide washes it all back to the tide line, and I come back the next day with an empty canvas to work with. People often ask if it bothers me that the work has to disappear eventually. To that, I say: not at all. If anything the fact that it’s short-lived makes it more special to me,” Foreman told My Modern Met.

For him, the process of creating the pieces is therapeutic, and he enjoys developing them improvisationally. Only rarely does he plan out the design ahead of time, allowing himself to be guided in the moment by shapes, stones, and ideas that inspire him.

“Repetition calms the mind,” he noted on Instagram, saying that while symmetrical patterns are more difficult, it can be rewarding to see the final product when he photographs it, usually with his drone.

Whatever he ends up creating, he notes on his website that all his designs are inspired by growing up in Wales and experiencing the beautiful countryside. When he decided to become an artist, he “saw the beauty of the coastline and woodlands and made use of them by collaborating with nature itself.”

See more of Foreman’s incredible work on Instagram or follow him on Facebook!

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