Mountain Guide Explores Hidden Ice Cave In Chamonix, France

Professional mountain rescuer and guide Jeff Mercier recently found an explored a hidden ice cave in Chamonix, France, and he filmed the journey for people to see!

Rab Equipment shared a video of Mercier’s climb and discovery. They wrote in the description, “Jeff Mercier explores the joys of ice climbing in Chamonix after some time away from the mountains. He’s met by the discovery of a beautiful ice cave, full of imagination and possibility.”

Photo: YouTube/Rab Equipment

In a blog post Jeff wrote for Rab Equipment, he explained that he spent four decades in the area of Chamonix and Mont Blanc, where Alpinism was the soul of his life.

After making the decision to take some time away and head to the beach, Jeff came back with a new passion for Alpinism and ice climbing, in particular.

Photo: YouTube/Rab Equipment

He said, “I stumble upon an image recently taken showing the inside of an enormous ice cave. There’s no further information given about its position, but given the surroundings I can instantly guess the glacier it must be hidden in.”

He, along with a fellow climber, set out to find the ice cave – and boy, did they!

Photo: YouTube/Rab Equipment

In the 9-minute video, you can see the journey Mercier took to make it to the ice cave was not for the faint of heart! It took a lot of work, strength, gear, and planning but the payoff was so worth it.

You can watch his adventure unfold in the video below:

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