Ever Wanted To Watch “Jaws” In A More Realistic Environment, Now’s Your Chance!

“Shark Week” is a cultural phenomenon at this point. Chances are, at some point this week you will be discussing the great white shark at the water cooler. Well, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Texas decided to join in the fun in a very different way.

In celebration of the aquatic predator, they are showing the film “Jaws,” a movie that ushered in a whole generation of shark-phobics. But they aren’t just showing it in the theater, they are using a drive-in screen in front of a huge pool, where patrons use inner tubes as seating. What better way to experience the fear of the film than by a late night screening underwater! The theater has also promised that at least 6 sharks will be present in the pool. Rubber ones anyway.


While this may sound like a way to reenforce our fears about sharks, it is actually a very clever way to overcome the irrational fear of sharks. Considering that over the last 400 plus years of data there is an average of 2 attacks a year, the great white as a villain is becoming a well known mischaracterization. A little fright is great, and Jaws is still a great film, but instead of turning on the shark, we should be celebrating our growing knowledge of their vital role in our ocean ecosystems.

If you really want to tackle your fear of sharks, or are simply curious about seeing more of them, you can always try swimming with them! Either way, make sure to take some time to read up on the kings of the sea. You might be surprised what you find!

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