Don’t Miss The First Full Moon Of 2022

We’re well into the new year, and something we have to look forward to is the first full moon of 2022: The Wolf Moon.

If you’re hoping to catch the first full moon of the year, you’ll want to look up on January 17th at 6:48 PM EST.

While that’s the time the moon will be officially the brightest and fullest, you should be able to see the full moon from January 16th through the night of the 18th.

Photo: flickr/Michael Seeley

Each month’s moon has a unique name, and according to the Farmer’s Almanac, January’s full moon has traditionally been dubbed the “Wolf Moon” after the wolves that would howl at night.

Other names for January’s full moon include the Center Moon, a name the Assiniboine used to reference the middle of winter, the Cold Moon, the Frost Exploding Moon, and the Hard Moon, all referencing the cold harshness of the season.

Photo: Pixabay/janrye

Canada Goose Moon, Great Moon, Spirit Moon, and Greetings Moon are other recorded traditional names for the moon, all used by indigenous tribes.

While the Wolf Moon is the first lunar even to look up for in 2022, there are plenty of others to follow, such as meteor showers and two solar eclipses.

Photo: flickr/Max Delaquis

It’s a good year to pull out a telescope and find a spot away from city lights to enjoy the night sky! Who knows, you may just see something out of this world.

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