Jane Goodall Vows To Plant 5 Million Trees In 2020

Deforestation has been a hot button issue for many years. Even though environmentalists have been sounding the warning and trying to raise awareness, it seems as if the world is not listening to their appeals. Even at a time when you would think that modern headlines would make people be more interested in the climate crisis, industrial business is doing its best to destroy the forest around us.

Many environmentalists have likened the destruction of the forest to a war that’s destroying not only plants but a variety of species without number. In addition, the byproducts of deforestation are adding to the damage to the environment. Some may feel as if it is a hopeless situation, but at times, people come together and do something when all seems lost.

One of the individuals who is doing something about the situation is Dr. Jane Goodall. She wants to do her part to save not only the planet but also the species that inhabit it. As the founder of The Jane Goodall Institute and a pathologist, she announced that 5 million trees would be planted by her and her partners this year. By partnering with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), she is doing her part to help the organization reach its goal of 1 trillion trees. She also wants all of us to chip in and do our part.

The Jane Goodall Institute issued a statement on their website where Dr. Goodall said: “[1 Trillion Trees] offers innovative technologies which will serve to connect tens of thousands of small and large groups around the world that are engaged in tree planting and forest restoration. Creating this ‘greening global community’ will allow for sharing critically needed funding and best practices – just what is needed to achieve the trillion trees goal in ten years. Toward this [1 Trillion Trees] goal, I am proud to announce that our Roots & Shoots program, which empowers young people in 60 countries, has committed to planting over 5 million new trees over the coming year. Now is the time for everyone on the planet to do their part.”

The website also said that the Jane Goodall Institute often collaborates with local communities in the chimpanzee range in Africa. They have supported holistic conservation and the local ownership of such a process. In doing so, they have helped to create efficient plans for land-use and forest reserves while also sustaining the livelihoods of those who live in the area.

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The programs that are supported by the Jane Goodall Foundation also help to protect those delicate environments and have already planted millions of trees for community-centered conservation over the decades. In addition, her foundation has another program, the ‘Roots & Shoots’ program, to support young individuals to become environmental stewards or activists through these projects. These projects help to build education and many of those young activists go on to restore and replant for us, according to the website.

The Roots & Shoots program has done great things in 2020 along with its partners from some 60 countries worldwide. This year, they will plant and/or restore 5 million trees that will go toward the 1 trillion trees associated with the UNEP campaign. According to that campaign, “global reforestation binds at least a quarter of the annual man-made CO2 emissions.” Dr. Goodall is urging us to do our part.

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