QUIZ: Spot the Differences Between Ravens and Crows

Did you know that both ravens and crows are both super weird about ants? It’s true! Both birds engage in a bizarre activity called anting. Passive anting entails lying in an anthill and allowing the ants to crawl all over their feathers. Active anting involves chewing up the ants, then rubbing the chewed up remains through their feathers.

Strange, right?

Perhaps just as strange is the fact that no one is exactly sure why they engage in anting. Theories range from the ants acting as a sort of parasite control, to it simply being a grooming process (!?), or soothing behavior.

Clearly, these two birds have some things in common (did we mention they look a lot alike?). However, they also have a lot of important differences. And we want to see if you know what they are!

Think you can distinguish between a crow and a raven? Take the quiz below to test your skills!

Don’t forget to share your results when you’re finished!

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