QUIZ: See What You REALLY Know About the Paris Climate Agreement

We know — the events of the Paris Climate Agreement went down in 2015. Which, at the rate of our current news cycle seems like forever ago.

But, as you may have noticed, the Agreement keeps popping up in headlines, in timelines, and across newsfeeds, often accompanied by strong opinions regarding its efficacy.

Rather than assessing the Agreement’s efficacy for themselves, however, the focus of many folks often shifts toward the incendiary — toward those strong opinions. Someone states a radical opinion, someone else chimes in, someone comes to the rescue of the initial poster but states an irrelevant fact from an untrustworthy source… you get it.

Considering all of the chatter, though, there’s no better time than now to put everyone’s knowledge of the Paris Climate Agreement to the test.

Give it a shot by clicking “Start” below — and be sure to share this quiz with all of your friends!

*BONUS: If you find yourself getting stuck, feel free to refer to our story, “Has the Paris Climate Agreement Ever Actually Mattered?” for some helpful hints.

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