QUIZ: Kraken—Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever thought of an animal and struggled to recall whether it was real or a myth? Maybe it’s really bizarre-looking, or maybe it has an ability that just can’t be believed. For me, it was dragons. Between the ages of six and seven, I wasn’t completely certain if dragons were extinct, or simply never existed. Don’t worry — things cleared up for me. It just took awhile to get up the nerve to ask.

I’m going to guess I’m not alone. Maybe you’ve never debated the likelihood of unicorns really existing, but sometimes animals that do exist are so strange that it’s hard to believe. And if you take into account stories that are exaggerated about animals we’re familiar with, it can be difficult to tell where the truth ends and the myth begins.

Take, for instance, the kraken. We’ve all seen the images of massive ships being swallowed up by the sea as the massive tentacles of the kraken pull it under. And while the notion of a four ton sea beast thirsty for the blood of sailors is firmly planted in the category of exaggeration, giant squid really do exist!

In the quiz below, challenge yourself to differentiate between which statements about the giant squid are true and which ones are fiction!

Good luck!

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