QUIZ: Name These 8 Flying Friends By Only Their Feathers

Being able to fly has been something humans have sought after for almost as long as we can remember.

The mythological Greek named Icarus tried to make a pair of wings for himself and ended up flying into the sun, Leonardo Da Vinci had drawings and dreams of his own invented flying machines, and then the Montgolfier brothers rediscovered the hot-air balloon and began manned flights in the 18th century.

Mankind has constantly been looking up at the skies, watching what birds do every single day and wishing that we could all do the same thing.

But what makes birds able to actually fly in the first place?

For starters, they have wings. But on those wings, and their bodies, they have feathers that allow them to perform exactly the right motions and allow the air to be perfectly manipulated to allow them to soar through the air.

People see feathers all the time just laying on the ground, evidence that a bird was in the vicinity and likely flew away some time ago. These feathers are all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but they can be used to identify almost any bird on the planet if you know what you are looking for.

So with this quiz, we want to see how well you know your feathers!

Check it out below to see if you can name these eight birds by looking only at their feathers. It might be a little more tricky than you expect!

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