QUIZ: How Much Do You REALLY Know About Elephants?

Elephants are one of the most fantastic animals on the planet. They are enormous, adorable, and powerful creatures that everyone can appreciate. However, there are actually a lot of misconceptions about our giant, grey friends.

The two main species of Asian and African elephants have been around since prehistoric times, although they likely looked very different than they do today. The wooly mammoth and the American mastodon were some of the closest relatives in terms of appearance.

Did you know that elephants actually love water? Despite being close to 13 feet tall and weighing up to 15,000 pounds, these gentle giants can swim extremely well and really enjoy a nice swim.

Elephants should remain as a wonderful part of our world, and what better way to help them than to know what makes them who they are?

There are just so many things about elephants that are exciting to learn, so take a quick peek into this quiz and see how much you know. You might learn something new today!


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