DANGER: Discover Which Deadly Creature You Are

Just in case you need a definition of the phrase, “deadly creature,” the saltwater crocodile is a prime example, and one of which you will not find in the quiz below.

With males measuring out on average to 17 feet long and weighing 1,000 pounds, earth’s largest living crocodile doesn’t just rely upon size or brute force to be lethal (though it certainly doesn’t hurt) — size, force, and strategy combine to create a “formidable and opportunistic hypercarniverous apex predator.”

Just so we’re clear, take a moment and sound that out with me: hy-per-car-niv-er-ous. For the record, being a carnivore — or a hypercarnivore — isn’t a prerequisite for the deadly creatures featured in this quiz. It’s just a fun word to sound out, right?


Anyway, back to the saltwater crocodile and its mix of size, force, and strategy. So, imagine you’re a water buffalo, you know, thirsty for water. You go to the nearest body of water and start slurping away. And then, without so much as a warning, a saltwater crocodile emerges from the water, grips you with its teeth, and pulls you — who outweighs this predator by over 1,000 pounds — beneath the surface. As the two of you go deeper and deeper, the saltwater crocodile flips you, and then flips you again, and again, and again, until your lungs can’t take it, and well, you get the picture…

To recap, this deadly creature utilizes its evolved anatomy, its surroundings, and its knowledge of predator and prey to separate itself from the rest of its food web. You’ll find much of the same with the creatures you’ll find in this quiz.

But which deadly creature are you most like? Answer the ten questions below to find out, and be sure to share your deadly results with your friends on Facebook!

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