FUNNY: Try To Guess The Hilarious Names Of These Animal Groups

Animals share groups all over the world. They come in all kind of shapes and sizes, and they also come with many different names. Some of these names make perfect sense, like a group of bats being called a colony. But for others, the names are much more comical and surprising.

For example, a group of giraffes is called a tower! How awesome is that? It’s both a perfect and hilarious name for a group of fantastically tall animals. Many group names have stopped being used over time however, as their old names were created hundreds of years ago and people have come up with better or easier terms to describe the groups.

As you go through the quiz below, remember to try and decipher which name sounds closest to what the real answer could be, but be aware that it could also be what you least expect!

See if you can guess all six of the awesome animal groups below and be sure to tell your friends about the cackle of hyenas you saw in National Geographic!

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