Twitter Users Can’t Get Over This Video Showing The Inside Of A Kangaroo Pouch

We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, we are visual people and we often get a grip on things by what we see on the outside.

Apparently, there is something taking place on the inside and people just aren’t ready to see it. We all love watching kangaroos but have you ever wondered what it looked like on the inside of a kangaroos pouch?

More than likely, you probably thought that it was some type of comfortable pocket where the Joey could hitch a ride. If that was your expectation, you are way off.

Alexandra Kalin posted a video on TikTok, showing what it actually looks like on the inside of a kangaroo pouch. As it turns out, the footage is freaking people out and it even made it over to twitter!

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