Check Out This Incredible Deer Rescue — The Ending is Fantastic!

It seems like every day there is some kind of animal that got lost, separated from its herd, or abandoned and trapped somewhere it never intended or wanted to be. And unfortunately, many of these creatures get hurt because they are absolutely terrified with no idea what to do.

But thanks to groups like Wildlife Aid, and people like the famous animal rescuer Simon Cowell, animals in difficult situations are able to be saved, rehabilitated, and returned to the wild.

After getting a call about a deer, Cowell and his team set out to find yet another frightened animal in a dangerous place.

This poor deer was trapped in a parking lot, and had no idea what to do! His face was injured, and when rescuers found him, they could tell that he was in desperate need of some help.

In this video, have a look at the tense rescue — the ending is well worth the wait!

Check out the video below!

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