You Will be in Awe of These Incredible Cephalopods. Especially the Last One!

Though there are all sorts of cool animals that reside in the ocean, cephalopods are probably some of the most fascinating. Just to name a few reasons:

  • They’re basically aquatic chameleons (except, unlike chameleons, they use their coloring for more functional reasons)
  • In spite of their awesome color-changing abilities, the vast majority of them are colorblind. Oh, the irony…
  • They can change their texture as well as their color
  • They’re the brainiacs of the invertebrates

To learn more about cephalopods — particularly their colorful nature — check out this video.

Cephalopods live in oceans across the globe — including the ones surrounding the United States. The Washington area boasts a region called Puget Sound, and a number of giant Pacific octopi call it home. Unfortunately, this area is a victim of pollution due to toxic runoff. With your help, however, we can keep the octopi’s environment clean.

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