You Will be in Awe of These Incredible Cephalopods. Especially the Last One!

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Though there are all sorts of cool animals that reside in the ocean, cephalopods are probably some of the most fascinating. Just to name a few reasons:

  • They’re basically aquatic chameleons (except, unlike chameleons, they use their coloring for more functional reasons)
  • In spite of their awesome color-changing abilities, the vast majority of them are colorblind. Oh, the irony…
  • They can change their texture as well as their color
  • They’re the brainiacs of the invertebrates

To learn more about cephalopods — particularly their colorful nature — check out this video.

Cephalopods live in oceans across the globe — including the ones surrounding the United States. The Washington area boasts a region called Puget Sound, and a number of giant Pacific octopi call it home. Unfortunately, this area is a victim of pollution due to toxic runoff. With your help, however, we can keep the octopi’s environment clean.

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A. Stout is a Whovian, Potterhead, study abroad alumna, and animal lover. A native to West Michigan, she dreams of publishing novels and traveling all over the world.
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