IKEA Buys And Protects 10,840 Acres Of Forest In Georgia

It seems that we all want to chip in these days to help the environment. The climate is struggling, and both individuals and businesses are doing what they can. That includes the investment group behind IKEA, The Ingka Group.

In an effort to help save the environment, they purchased 10,840 acres of forest in southeast Georgia. The land is located near the Altamaha River Basin and was formerly owned by The Conservation Fund.

The Ingka Group has an interest in keeping those lands intact, and they purchase land to keep them from being sold off and developed.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The purchase in Georgia wasn’t their first, but they have also bought land in Alabama, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. In addition, they have purchased land in other countries, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania.

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Along with purchasing over 612,000 acres of forest land, the group has the goal of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions of IKEA by 2030.

Photo: Unsplash

The managing director of The Ingka Group, Krister Mattsson, talkedwith CNN about their belief in properly managing forests and how they are taking responsibility for the land they own.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He said: “In all our properties, nature conservation is important. In this particular U.S. investment in Georgia, first it is important that the land cannot be broken up into small units and it remains forever forestland.”

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