Must Watch — Endangered Amur Tiger Released into the Wild!

All across the world animals are becoming more in danger of having their populations threatened due to poachers, habitat loss, or just general human encroachment. And for some of these animals, the threat of endangerment is very real and growing every single day.

Today, there are believed to be fewer than 350 Amur tigers left in the wild. With population numbers so low, the success of each individual is critical for the preservation of the species.

Which leaves their survival mostly in the hands of dedicated workers who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure species like the Amur tiger can not only continue to live, but to once again thrive in the wild.

Recently, IFAW released Zolushka, an Amur tigress that was orphaned as a cub when her mother was likely killed by poachers. IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare worked with partners in far east Russia to rescue and rehabilitate this amazing animal.

Watch the video below to learn more about Zolushka’s story and watch her incredible return to the wild.

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