Who Is IFAW and Why Do They Matter for 2000 Animals?

What is the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)? They're pretty well known outside of the United States, but not so much inside it…and that needs to change because they are awesome! The organization encompasses a variety of issues and causes in 40 different countries. They rescue all sorts of different animals involved in disasters—from cats and dogs to seals and dolphins; from tornadoes and hurricanes to net entrapment and poaching. They also stand for conservation efforts.

And just recently, they released this awesome promo video with help from Heather Morris—best known for playing Brittany on Glee. Check it out!

Are you interested in helping out the IFAW? We at the Rainforest Site partner with this organization. Through our Gifts That Give More™, you can help them rescue and rehabilitate animals all over the globe, like orphaned elephants!

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