Iceland Launches Quiet Electric Boats For Whale Watching

If you’ve never had the opportunity to go whale watching, you really owe it to yourself to try. Of course, you will have to travel to a part of the world where whale watching takes place and sometimes, you have to travel at the right time of the year.

One other thing to consider is the tour boats that are being used, as not every tour may offer the same experience.

One of the things that has been a concern for many people in regards to whale watching was the carbon footprint of the boats that were used for the practice.

Photo: Pixabay

Noisy engines, burning fuel, and producing carbon dioxide are just some of the issues associated with it. North Sailing is an Icelandic whale watching company that is family-owned and they are doing something about the environmental problems. In northern Iceland, North Sailing of Húsavík is offering carbon-neutral tours on electric boats that are sure to be popular with both humans and whales.

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North Sailing has been helping people get up close and personal with the local whales since 1995. They have always had an interest in keeping things as environmentally friendly as possible, but they are now taking things to the next level. Thanks to their efforts, some of the 100,000+ tourists that visit Húsavík annually will be able to see the humpback, fin, blue, and minke whales differently.

Photo: flickr/Lisa

It was six years ago when North Sailing started to consider using their first silent electric boat. A 1951 Schooler was converted using an electric engine that takes advantage of the renewable geothermal and hydro energy available in the area. When using the sail is not an option, they can still stay clean by using electric power.

Tourists seem to really appreciate taking those silent whale watching tours on the Andvari and Opal. It also seems to be popular with whales. In a report by The Guardian, a passenger, Phoebe Smith, spoke about her experience. She said: “I noted that the whales seemed to linger longer alongside ours [the boat].”

Photo: Pixabay

There may be some science to back this up, as it has been reported that whales tend to enjoy being in quiet waters. Smith went on to talk about how the captain said that he is having fewer headaches now that they are using quiet electric boats and the atmosphere onboard seems to be a lot more enjoyable.

Along with the electric options, there are a number of other antique boats offered by North Sailing. They really know how to get you up close to the whales so that you can see the beauty of the water and what lives under it.

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