Woman Trapped In Hurricane Ian Floodwaters Begs For Help In Viral Video

Hurricane Ian has caused so much devastation in Florida, and one terrifying video shows a woman trapped in her flooded home in a “floaty pool.”

Beth, who goes by @bigbe44 on TikTok, filmed herself floating in an inflatable pool after house was flooded in Hurricane Ian.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The video was uploaded on September 28, 2022, and instantly went viral, amassing over 43 million views over two days.

In the video, Beth says, “If you’ve ever floated in a floaty pool in your own living room with your refrigerator….at your door…”

Photo: Tiktok/@bigbe44

Her house is dark and flooded and furniture is strewed all around her.

More than 80,000 people commented on the video, with many people fearing for her safety, while others wondered why she didn’t evacuate when the mandatory warnings went into effect.

Photo: TikTok/@bigbe44

The video was captioned, “Send prayers.”

Check out the clip below:


Send prayers

♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

Many people feared the worst, but Beth provided a follow-up video later that day saying she was alive and begging for help.

She says, “If you could see me now, I’m alive, still floating in water, someone needs to come help me.”


I’m alive!!!

♬ original sound – Beth 🌞🎣🏖🌴✌

Beth has been silent since then, but someone claiming to be her friend said she was rescued from her home but doesn’t currently have wifi to post an update.

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